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Portrait of Cory Barnwell

Our History

Cory Barnwell started BLG in 2017 with the goal of helping people painlessly maneuver through the court system. Through the years, BLG has worked hard to build a reputation for giving solid legal advice and counsel when you need it the most. We strive to put your outcome over our profit, presenting multiple litigation options to minimize your expenses without sacrificing results.

With an emphasis on detail, we take the extra steps needed to progress your case to your desired resolution. Plaintiff or defendant, divorce, car wreck or business dispute, we have walked the path before. Let us lead the way.

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Our Goals

Depending on the facts of your case, an aggressive approach is often necessary to achieve results in a timely manner. Taking a professional approach, we use all of the resources available to you under the law to protect and advance your interests from the moment you trust us to handle your case. Let us help you navigate the personal nuances in your case that aren’t always considered in the black and white of the law.

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